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Are you making the most of your video content?

13th April 2018

So you’ve looked at your marketing strategy and decided to invest in video content? You want to put across the best about the business you’ve been proud to build and that you have faith will support your customers needs.

The brief has been given, the filming process completed and you have a wonderful visual product that reflects all you want about the company that you own or work hard to profile.

Your website platform gives you a reach to a potential new audience and impresses your existing customers with facts, figures and flair that they can use for their own benefit too – by association with your business, they can promote themselves in a very positive light to prospects.

You upload your wonderfully creative marketing product to your YouTube account and you have launched your audio visual strategy. There is a flurry of interest as you highlight to customers and website visitors your very own, truly tailored AV initiative.

Six months later, you’re viewing stats have seen a sharp decline and you return to your blog which you update regularly with all your latest product news. So where has the impact of your video promotion gone?

Using online publishing portals such as that of the NFA Digital is of course, an excellent way to keep your YouTube channel alive and kicking, and ensuring the expensive video that you paid for is gaining regular exposure.

Beyond that however is the greater opportunity to incorporate creative video content within the pages of the online digital magazine, which is distributed monthly to a reader generated database. This gives investors in the magazine the chance to highlight the merits of a company’s brand in visual format, right alongside the editorial features they submit for the industry to read. One naturally complements the other and helps to heighten the exposure and recognition of a firm.

One of the first things to remember about Corporate Video production, is that it is not only an extremely powerful tool but it is also a fun process! Video production is an exciting way of telling people about products and services that are available in a slick, stylish way.

With the right production team behind a project, a video should reflect the drive, quality and enthusiasm of a company. Working alongside an experienced creative team will ensure all the relevant points will be incorporated that will make the video interesting and successful.

For those, who are looking to explore greater use and a bigger reach in relation to their video content, that has quantifiable statistics to substantiate its presence on the pages, then do contact the NFA team to discuss advertising options.

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