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13th April 2018

The Strength Behind The Success

Business owners have been hard hit during the cold weather with two thirds of the smallest companies in the UK badly affected financially by severe weather and storms of the last three years, according to the FSB. Preparation for any business is paramount according to the Met Office, but likewise, companies need to consider the financial effects should weather cause business closures, so building an action plan would seem the most relevant first step.

Risks that could impact a business, whatever its size should be identified with recovery plans put in place regarding buildings and staff, with the option to work remotely where possible if premises are cut off. Naturally, liaising with customers and suppliers to manage damage limitation to any weak links in a supply chain.

As severe weather seems to be on the increase, with climate change appearing to create extreme conditions during winter months, for smaller businesses or landlords, it’s imperative to make sure that all the right insurance is in place, to protect companies. Let’s hope, for the most part, that the future is starting to look a little brighter.

Staying Smart

With Smart buildings a focus for many new developers Ecobuild once again proved an innovative show ground that lead the way this year in evaluating new disciplines and evolving ways to approach sustainability.

The ecobuild conference once again took centre stage and placed focus on the important issues now and those that will potentially face us in the future.

Launched as a platform to evoke fresh thinking, futurebuild highlighted innovative technologies and materials designed specifically for the built environment. The futurebuild districts enabled some of the best people, brands and companies to collaborate and develop profitable relationships with a view on tomorrow’s market.

It has now been announced that Futurebuild 2019 will continue to be the industry platform for those exploring fresh thinking about the sector.

Martin Hurn, managing director of Futurebuild Event Ltd, explains: “From the very start we set out with a bold vision to take an entirely new approach for the event, as well as how we worked alongside our audiences across the built environment.

“Futurebuild 2019 represents everything we set out to achieve. It will be an event for the industry, by the industry, and 100% committed to championing innovation and sustainability for the future of the built environment. After all, unless the future is sustainable, and unless we think beyond the status quo, we won’t have a future at all.

Central to Futurebuild 2019 will be a new, dedicated ‘ecobuild’ conference. The ecobuild arena will see industry experts, academics, community leaders and politicians come together to debate and explore cutting-edge thinking around the most critical social and environmental issues.”

Looking At The Future

Modernisation and developments are key phrases frequently used when taking a business forward, but today there is much more to it as a new dimension must now be considered. The Millennial .

Business practices are changing rapidly as ‘Millennials’ change our perspective, influence our direction and completely alter expectations in the way they handle business.

Value in the marketplace has been dramatically altered by the next generation of entrepreneurs who do not understand a time when digital technology was not available.

This type of business owner automatically assumes that research platforms, financial forecasts and interesting facts about their latest hobbies can always be found at the touch of a button. They can keep their whole world in their pocket and perhaps more importantly they expect to be able to do that – the must have right now brigade is shackled to devices and tablets as the power of digital technology increases daily.

Referred to as lazy by some, this generation actually has taught older generations that efficiency of effort gives maximum impact and technology is the instrument of choice.

Face time is minimised and considered trivial unless it relates to matters of vital importance – technology makes so much possible because it sells results.

Modern entrepreneurs are very prepared to research what they will need to learn in order to seal the deal. Knowledge and experience supersede qualifications and that these are in a constant state of flux.

If they need some practical how-to advice this is easy to find in an online forum or YouTube video, so the learning process is a continual evolution. Garnering information from someone with experience in the area they are looking to explore is a natural progression for the modern business leader, absorbing experience and stories from trailblazers and industry experts as role models.

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