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Get Customised With Liniar Marketing

This is a sponsored article by Liniar

Many double glazing businesses, fabricators and installers don’t have an in-house marketing team able to design and print brochures, technical documents and advertising materials in order to help generate leads for their company. As the designers of the products themselves, systems companies are ideally placed to be able to produce literature that is not only technically accurate, but looks good too.

As part of Liniar’s ‘Put the customer at the heart of everything we do’ mentality, the team solved this problem in 2016 with an easy to use, self-service functionality on their website: Web2Print.

Having initially launched its Web2Print service several years ago, the Liniar team listened to customer feedback and decided it was time for an upgrade in 2019. Coinciding with all the new products being launched from the Liniar Design and Development team and the new literature this entailed, this year was the perfect time to release a newly produced version of the programme – which in true Liniar style, has been built from scratch.

April 2019 brings with it a fresh, new, modern update to Liniar’s Web2Print online system. Customers need no design skills to add their logo and contact details to Liniar literature to make it their own. It’s a case of merely uploading a logo file, adding your contact details, choosing how many you’d like to have printed and sending the order off to the printers.

Liniar’s Marketing Director Sue Davenport explains why Web2Print is essential to customer relationships.

“Unlike other systems companies, we don’t use agencies at Liniar – this means we can produce our own marketing content and literature by working closely with the design team, in order to launch products to market more quickly. Our in-house team is small, and looks after a full range of digital and offline content for not only the Liniar fenestration, building products and outdoor ranges, but all of Avantek Machinery’s marketing too. Although we would love to be able to fulfil individual customer requests for bespoke literature, this would take our focus away from the needs of the wider customer base, and it would be impossible to do so.

“That’s where Web2Print comes in. This comprehensive software can be found on the Liniar website under the ‘Customers’ menu. Once registered, we’ll carry out a couple of checks, after which customers can personalise most of our literature range with their own branding, logo and contact details. The service gives installers and fabricators access to everything they need, all ordered direct from a professional printer, who ships the documents directly to them.”

The new, updated Web2Print service launched on the Liniar website at the end of April 2019 and is open to anyone fabricating or installing Liniar products.

Visitors to Liniar’s stand at the FIT Show in May will also be able to take a closer look at the software before trying it out for themselves. For more information about the Liniar Web2Print service, visit www.liniar.co.uk and register to become a user or contact marketing@liniar.co.uk.

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