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Timber Or PVCU – The Debate Continues

This is an article by our Editor Helen Duval

The desire from homeowners to invest and improve their properties continues, with an unsteady feeling continuing for many regarding moving home. Inspiring consumers to invest is potentially easier with the idea that new windows and doors can totally transform and add value to a home, particularly if they are biding their time to wait for an opportune moment to sell.

Spring is here and it is always a really good time for installers to nudge homeowners with door drops, demonstrating what a new look and added character can bring to a property.

There is now more choice than ever when it comes to windows and doors leaving many investors still asking the question – which is better? Timber or PVCu? Both PVC-U and timber have their benefits, such as, PVCu providing timber-like appearances and excellent performance for less cost; while timber offers incredible longevity and better environmental aspects when sustainable timber is used.

Budget is going to be a deciding factor for those looking to upgrade their homes, while design and style will only play their part once the costs have been confirmed. Today’s modern materials provide exceptional performance advantages either way, giving the end user comfortable temperatures and noise reduction all year round.

The demand for improved thermal performance and reduced energy bills will undoubtedly be a factor for a large number of people who see this as a priority. The external appearance of a property is still important and it is something that both those selling and buying should research carefully from looks, to maintenance and added value.

There are still people who have the misconception that double glazed windows have to be PVCu, thinking that timber frames are manufactured with single glazing. The British Woodworking Federation and its members have done a lot to rectify that notion, helping to educate the consumer that beautiful wood windows are possible and will be energy efficient.

Another common myth is that timber windows will rot whereas PVCu alternatives do not alter in appearance. Whilst the easy maintenance of PVCu is well recognised by homeowners, it should be clearer that timber frames are a viable alternative with repainting and good care giving them a new lifespan all over again once the job is finished.

A renovation project is enhanced by either PVCu or timber frames and both add real value to a property. For any installation or potential project it really will be down to personal choice and budget – but it is important to give a balanced view when talking to prospects and educating them on the fact that wood windows can last for decades and will bring a good ROI that can be transferred when a property is sold.

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