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Natural looking matt finish


Worms, May 22, 2019 – Matt surfaces are in vogue, and not just in interior design or the automotive sector. There is also widespread demand around the house for surfaces that are pleasant to the touch – the attractive, the more fashionable. With its new finish for exterior films, RENOLIT is now raising the bar for window profiles, door panels and facades. The surface specialists from Worms have combined the deep, dynamic wood texture VLF with a transparent PVDF layer, creating an extremely natural look. “This texture is practically indistinguishable from real wood, neither visually nor in terms of touch," says Product Manager Franz Josef Weber.

RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX Super-Matt is the name of the new film which is based on the unplasticised PVC film RENOLIT EXOFOL PX and combined with the PVDF top coat already well known from the premium product RENOLIT EXOFOL FX. This fluoric plastic behaves similarly to a Teflon coating on frying pans. It improves surface protection and increases the film's resistance to dirt and chemicals, and even graffiti can be easily removed. "Its low surface tension makes the film dirt- repellent and easy to clean. Even on this very smooth surface, dust and dirt particles will not stick to the film," says business unit manager Stefan Friedrich, describing the low maintenance of the new development. Water, soap or detergent as well as a soft brush or sponge are sufficient for cleaning.

Surface emphasizes wood character

RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX Super-Matt launches with four oak decors in different colours: Honey Oak, Ginger Oak, Pepper Oak and Weissbach Eiche, whose authentic designs are particularly well suited to the strikingly different woodgrain surface finish. With a subtle sheen emanating from the emboss valleys, the surface resembles a natural, matt finished oak.

As with all RENOLIT EXOFOL films, Solar Shield Technology (SST) is an integral part of the construction. IR-reflecting colour pigments reduce the temperature differences between the outer and inner profile surfaces. In this way, the profiles retain their shape and windows and doors retain their exact fit. For easier processing, RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX also has a primer on its reverse side. The warranty periods for the new film are the same as for the proven RENOLIT EXOFOL PX film.

Image "RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX Super-Matt Group"
RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX Super-Matt launches with
four different oak decors.

Super- Matt"
The striking woodgrain texture enhances Ginger
Oak's authentic character.

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