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Is Bathroom Renovation The New Must Have?

With consumers fresh back off the beaches this is a really great time to approach homeowners regarding new extensions, replacement kitchens or the increasingly popular additional or new bathroom options to upgrade their homes.

Whether people are looking to renovate before they sell a property or they simply want to improve their current home, there are a lot of potential projects out there during the autumn months.

It does all very much depend on an individual’s circumstances but there are budgets of all sizes out there in the housing market for eagle-eyed builders and installers looking to approach property owners. The key will be the spend and the ultimate ROI that end users will gain from their investment as to whether the project inspires them to invest.

Adding value and quality will be of paramount importance naturally, and for this sector there are so many types of installations that will prove successful to a building company or installer. Glass continues to be the dominant material in new design, particularly with bathroom renovations, which are a very popular upgrade for a home.

Although not the first room thought about by those looking to update their homes, with kitchens and conservatories taking a priority for many people, new bathrooms can add considerable value to a home in need of modernisation.

More than that, today many estate agents report that an en-suite bathroom is becoming a priority for people when buying a new home. So it would be unwise for homeowners to ignore updating one of the most important rooms in the house, particularly as more than one will be reflected in the eventual price of the property. In fact recent studies show that that an additional bathroom could potentially increase the value of a house by around 5%.

Any bathroom project, whatever its size, will benefit from careful planning and good advice from installers. 

For a bathroom that doesn’t get much light then glass is a superb option to open up the space and create a larger feel to a small room. Equally, for a good sized bathroom then glass partitioning can really be used to its best advantage.

For example, etched, painted or opaque glass panels provide privacy but if styled correctly will provide a feeling of more light and greater space.

Mirrored panelling, striking glass shelving, walls and glass bowl sinks will make the room a place to luxuriate and enjoy. With so much need to relax and chill after a long day’s work these days, an upgrade that looks truly stunning will be easy to sell-in to those with the budget to buy.

Clean and simple lines look beautiful against stone, wooden or even glass flooring. Using glass to divide up larger bathrooms reflects natural light and will give the whole room a far more spacious feel. Great selling points for when the homeowner comes to sell.

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