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Fabricators Welcomed To Live Timberweld® D...

Dec 04, 2019No Comments

Total Machinery Solutions Limited (TMS) and the Masterframe Group recently hosted two open days to allow fabricators to see a live demonstration of the Timberweld®

Partnership Between Bystronic Glass And HEG...

Nov 29, 2019No Comments

HEGLA and Glaston Corporation have decided to terminate their cooperation agreement due to changes in the companies’ competitive positions. The agreement, which was entered into

Thermaseal Continues To Grow Thanks To Timb...

Nov 13, 2019No Comments

Thermaseal, the Essex based PVC-U fabricator and installer, has increased its sales thanks to Timberweld®. Timberweld is a patented, unique joint that makes perfect corners

HEGLA Bystronic Glass Win NFA Machinery Com...

Oct 22, 2019No Comments

Best Machinery Company accolade was awarded to Bystronic glass HEGLA partnership in this year’s #NFA19 independent glass awards. With the industry backing the nomination, this

Are Your Joints Failing You?

Sep 12, 2019No Comments

This is a sponsored article by Timberweld® Alan Burgess, one of the innovators behind Timberweld®, shows the industry exactly what happens if butt joints (typically

HEGLA, Glaston And Bystronic Glass Set New ...

Aug 28, 2019No Comments

An investment in machinery and equipment from three of the UK’s leading machinery suppliers, will take one the industry’s foremost IG unit manufacturers to a

Exclusive VS Systems From Masterframe – N...

Aug 15, 2019No Comments

This is a sponsored article by Masterframe Sash window specialist Masterframe has developed its own bespoke PVC-U system to create three new window collections, making

Exceptional Guarantees From HEGLA’s Rapid...

Jul 31, 2019No Comments

This is a sponsored article by HEGLA The pedigree of the Helga brand is well recognised both nationally and internationally with glass processors who make

New Investments At Vetroseal Give Greater Q...

Jun 14, 2019No Comments

This is a sponsored article by HEGLA UK / Bystronic Glass Vetroseal, a leading independent sealed unit supplier, has recently installed a Bystronic glass 2.3

A New Look For Avantek Machinery

May 28, 2019No Comments

This is a sponsored article by Avantek Machinery In line with Avantek Machinery’s reputation for world class service and excellent customer support, the company is