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New Installer Website Support from Selecta

Sep 26, 2019No Comments

Providing a first rate and continuously developing service and support package continues to be a prominent factor behind the continued success of Birmingham based PVCu

How Much Should We Fear Brexit?

Jul 31, 2019No Comments

The political scene at the moment can hardly appear inspiring on any front, irrespective of preferred sides. As we hurtle down a very uncertain path

Regeneration Is Making A Strong Regional Ma...

Jul 31, 2019No Comments

This is an article by our Editor Helen Duval Regional redevelopments are expected to completely transform city centre areas over the next few years. This

Edgetech orders easier than ever thanks to ...

Jul 24, 2019No Comments

An intuitive new online ordering system is set to make it easier than ever to buy from Edgetech. Unveiled for the first time at May’s


Stay Connected with Selecta

Oct 22, 2018No Comments

As a business, it’s become imperative to make use of the available advancements in online technology and stay in touch with digital innovations and developments.

The Strength Behind The Success

Jun 05, 2018No Comments

A Special Focus on NFA17 IGU Manufacturer of the Year – Morley Glass & Glazing Morley Glass and Glazing has seen exceptional results on the